2002 week 3
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November 10, 2002:

Etna, day 15. The composition of the plume is changing and colour turning from grey-blue to brownish.

November 11, 2002:

Etna, day 16. Pure Infrared image with finally some clear skies. Night pass.

NOAA 17 view.

NOAA 16 view.

November 12, 2002:

Etna, day 17. Special RGB feature at twilight.

Etna, day 17. Intense activity with strong westerly winds.

Earlier in the day dust of the plume reached well into Creta.

November 13, 2002:

Etna, day 18. A quiet day in general. Activities seem to be winding down.

November 14, 2002:

Etna, day 19. The first day that no noticable activity took place since October 27.

November 15, 2002:  Only in the very low elevation of the sun the residual activity is visible. No NOAA satellite other than 12 could record visible activity today.

Etna, day 20. NOAA 12 at sunset.

November 16, 2002:  No activity could be discerned.