2002 week 4
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November 17, 2002:

Etna, day 22. NOAA 16. Southern winds cleared the skies again.

NOAA 17.

November 18, 2002:

Etna, day 23. Heavy cloud cover blocks all view, also in infrared.

November 19, 2002:  The path of the Terra (Modis) satellite coincided almost perfectly with NOAA 17. A comparison of the view is seen in the second image. Please note that only a lower resolution Terra image was available.

Etna, day 24. Snow capped and double plume.

Left Terra, right NOAA 17. Interval of 12 minutes; even the cloud cover is virtually the same.

November 20, 2002:

Etna, day 25. No visible activity.

November 21, 2002:

Etna, day 26. The very heavy cloud system makes any view on the Etna impossible.

November 22, 2002:

Etna, day 27. Minor activity. Etna in periphery of pass, blur due to geo-correction

NOAA 17 passes of 08:36 and 10:15 without geo-correction.

November 23, 2002:

Etna, day 28. Now fuming for 4 complete weeks.

NOAA 16 view 2 hours later.

NOAA 12, with the sun already down on the horizon.