2002 week 5
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November 24, 2002:

Etna, day 29. No need to clarify why nothing can be said on Etna's activities today.

November 25, 2002: 

Etna, day 30. Although major activity was reported, only a minor clue is visible from NOAA 17.

NOAA 16, Channel 4-5, wind NE

False coloured RGB-1,2,4. Dust and smoke in yellow.

November 26, 2002:

Etna, day 31. Slightly visible through dense clouds in false colour (RGB=1,2,4)

November 27, 2002:

Etna, day 32. Bad weather continues to hide Sicily.

False colour NOAA 16.

November 28, 2002:

Etna, day 33. Infrared composite of channels 3b, 4 and 5.

Later in the day clouds again moved in.

NOAA 14 evening pass, cloudless

November 29, 2002:

Etna, day 34. IR channels 3b, 4 and 5, false colour, no geo-correction applied.

Daylight, enhanced NOAA 17, reprojected.

Excellent view taken from NOAA 16. Channel 4-5, no enhancement, reprojected.

November 30, 2002:

Etna, day 35. One part of a full European cloud cover.