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The above links connect to data analysis graphs of various performance criteria of the Satellite Data being handled and the PC handling it.

Two Ayecka SR-1 units are being  employed as IP receiver for the incoming satellite data stream and both are delivering data to a dedicated network each. During the test phase of the introduction of DVB-s2 only the test configuration is being presented here and not the operational DVB-S configuration.

A roof mounted free-view 120 cm parabolic dish is being employed as antenna, which is furnished with a Maximum-pro octo LNB rated 0.1dB. Only Six of the eight LNB outputs have been wired due to limited cable run capacity in the antenna arm. The dish is pointing to Eutelsat 10A at 10 East, transponder C4 at 11263 MHz, Horizontal, 33,000 kS/s.

The antenna location is 52.3 North and 5.26 East.

The computer being used in the test configuration (Chukchi) is running 64 bit Windows 7 Ultimate (SP1) and its main characteristics are: Intel I7 980 @ 3.33 GHz (6 core), 24 GB RAM, of which 2 GB is RAM disk.